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Business Ethics & Transparency

Farid Consaltants is the leader (Leadership in service and understanding customer needs) Farid Consultants is one of India’s best Companies.

Farid Consultants Ethos Of Caring, sharing and rewarding provides the Foundation of Our supportive professional Culture with  Diversity and inclusivity among Team member and which Facilitates Success and innovation at all Levels.   Farid Consaltants  Responsible attitude and innovation mind set Combined with uncompromising Quality  of the Service over the years have created a brand of outstanding  Repute .

To set high standards of service, ethical practices and Transparency in the REAL ESTATE business. To always provide the customers clear cut options keeping their objectives in view. To set high standard of morality and values, and work towards satisfaction of customer needs. Focus on wealth creation and lifetime investment in REAL ESTATE for our customers. Internationally, real estate markets that are successful for brokers, lenders, buyers/tenants and sellers/landlords are defined by a number of characteristics that can be called “best practices”.

  1. Accountability
  2. Disclosure
  3. Trust
  4. Transparency
  5. Discipline
  6. Protection of Private Property Rights
  7. Rule of Law
  8. Women’s Empowerment
  9. Education for All
  10. Honesty

We at Farid Consultants endeavor to follow the above 10 international best practices.

1) We provide real estate Solutions to First time buyers who need a step by step approach, as well as seasoned buyers who buy for investment and provide attractive returns on investment.

2) We know the market trends. When to buy and when to sell. What to buy and what to sell. Lay people will normally do the opposite. Buy high and sell low instead of buy low and sell high.

3) Selection of the right location, right builder and right project.

4) Understanding the demand supply situation at regular intervals.

5) We have a monthly news letter reporting all the changes.

6) Tracking Builders and their track record.

7) Tracking new projects and their evaluation on regular basis.

8)  We are members of Bangalore realtors Assosiation which is affiliated to NAR – INDIA and NAR – USA and we can hence transact business any part of the world.

9) We are in the process of setting up teams who will handle NRI customers, Corporate customrs , Investors , Buyers and sellers , & a separate wing to take care of Builders . In Builders we have their projets team and one separate team for sourcing land.

10) We have one of the largest databases of properties especially resale properties in  Bangalore.


How does our service work

1) We have an Emotional and logical   way of Understanding customer needs. We have evolved Buyer hand book and seller hand books which helps buyers and sellers understand the complexities and challenges in the buying and selling processes. They also contain a lot of value added services.

2) We work with a team of trained professionals.

3) We are the only real estate company which treat buyer and seller separately. We have Buyer Agency Contracts and Listing Contracts. The buyers and sellers are separated and their objectives are met by dealing with them independently. Buyer needs are contradictory to seller needs.

4) We have trained , young and enthusiastic runners who can make things happen on site because of their persuasive skills and never say die attitude.

5) They are trained to beat the traffic, bad roads, break downs  , the half minded customers are managed to be taken for site visit and persuaded for closure.

6) The Genuine customers are given alternate properties instantly and deals are closed leaving customers mesmerized.

7) While the runners are engaged, the sales executives are ever available to take the calls within 3 rings and move them for closing.

8) Analyze and reject customers who are not clear on their objectives and help them understand their needs.

9) Have precise clear cut documentation keeping both buyer and seller interests and getting them locked into a deal in such a way that the have to go thru it in the interest of all.

10) Tremendous follow up with builder and financial institution on a day to day basis to ensure smooth sailing of paper work.

11) Door delivery of documents to the clients.

12) Charging very reasonable commission of 1% to buyer and 2 % to seller.

13) The deals are done in a clear and transparent manner.

14) Deals are done very close to listing prices , thereby avoiding any kind of       manipulation in the settlement price.

15) Focus is more on closing deals rather than taking sides of either Buyer or Seller.


History & Philosophy.

1) Started as a student . Hence the philosophy of the company is continuous learning. Get young people from different fields and train them to become successful sales men  by setting up a competitive environment.

2) Started from scratch – Hence money is always secondary to Value  and ethics.

3) Started with 0 customers – Hence we are people oriented and willing to subordinate and sacrifice our goals to achieve our higher values.

4) Started in a service industry – Hence we do not think of anything less than “ECS” “Exceptional Customer Service”

5) Started Young – Hence we are always willing to raise the bar.

6) Started on a cycle – Hence “ Hard work” is our  Mother and “Integrity” is our father.

7) Started without formal training or education – Hence Attitude will determine our altitude.

8) Started as a sales man – Hence will die a sales man .



Our objective is to provide solution keeping in view the fundamentals of the financial planning which are :

(1) Safety of capital

(2) Liquidity

(3) Returns

(4) Tax Implications

(5) Transparency.

Our services also encompasses identifying the most competitive Loans and their merits and Demerits, we also try to identify and grade the builder based on their cost effectiveness, financial standing, experience, quality, timely execution, Transparency, maintenance, customer service. We live in a competitive world and whenever there is a real estate boom unknown brand come into the market in large numbers, we at Farid Consultants constantly caution our clients with appropriate solution from a range of reputed and good builders.We provide Customized Real Estate Solutions to our clients, and also manage their Investment and Real Estate portfolio


 *Farid Consultants is one of the fastest growing Real  Estate Broking Company in Bangalore.

 * Farid Consultants is most committed to Customer service than other companies.

 * We provide financial guarantee on the Deals which no other Realtor does.

* Farid Consultants is a Company which focuses on Customer Needs.

* Farid Consultants is the Name you can Trust.

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